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Bemowo Theatre Disorders
2nd Edition of the Festival
9th - 12th September 2010

'Bemowo Theatre Disorders' is a review of diverse forms of the still underestimated trend of contemporary theatre
which is often wrongly called theatre-therapy.
There are two ways of theatre activities for disabled people - theatre as a therapy
and theatre as a standard value artistic event.
Theatre Disorders is an opportunity to have a closer look at the contemporary theatre phenomena that present new, alternative theatre language. First of all during our festival we would like to present inspiring, aesthetic and intellectual research
which makes so called 'border art' and is a challenge for modern audience.
At the same time we treat therapeutic issue as a secondary importance.
Next to the 'unprofessional' will perform the professional because normality and madness have only verbal arrangement.
Come see and find out.

Creative workshops 'Bordering actions'.
From February to September 2010.