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Bemowo Wspiera Talenty
Grupa Zgoda na festiwvalu Malta Festival
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18 grudnia (czwartek), godz. 18:00
Bemowski Klub Książki
21 grudnia (niedziela), godz. 14:00-17:00
Dziecięce Laboratorium Eksperymentu (muzycznego): Patryk Zakrocki i Orkiestra AGD
20 grudnia (sobota),
godz. 13:00


20 grudnia (sobota),
godz. 19:00

FOLKOWO BEMOWO: Koncert Orkiestry Klezmerskiej Teatru Sejneńskiego

20 grudnia (sobota),
godz. 17:00-21:00

Sobotnie warsztaty Wielkie budowanie z klocków Lego i klocków Mindstorms
7 grudnia (niedziela),
godz. 11:30 i 13:00

Teatralny Poranek Bajkowy: Zimowa opowieść

7 grudnia (niedziela),
godz. 14:00-17:00

Dziecięce Laboratorium Eksperymentu (muzycznego): Maciej Cieślak
5 grudnia (piątek),
godz. 19:00

KLICK&DRUM - XV lat szkoły gry na bębnach
2 grudnia (wtorek),
godz. 18:00

Barwy źycia. Wystawa prac Danuty Olędzkiej
1 grudnia (poniedziałek), godz. 20:00
3275 kg Orchestra przy Bemowskim Centrum Kultury

1 grudnia (poniedziałek) – 31 grudnia (środa)
"Magia Tańca" - wystawa fotografii Darii Pawędy
13-14 grudnia
(sobota-niedziela) 2014,
godz. 12:00-18:00
Świąteczny Jarmark Różności

14 grudnia (niedziela), godz. 11:00 i 12:30
Teatralny Poranek Bajkowy: Mikołaj w krainie lodu

14 grudnia (niedziela), godz. 18:00
Koncert zespołu Čači Vorba
13 grudnia (sobota) 2014, godz. 10:00-14:00
Sobotnie warsztaty
Wielkie budowanie z klocków Lego i klocków Mindstorms

13-14 grudnia
(sobota-niedziela) 2014,
godz. 12:00-18:00
Świąteczny Jarmark Różności

13 grudnia (sobota),
godz. 17:30

Bemowo Wspiera Talenty: "KOMEDA, MIKOŁAJ, ŚWIĘTA"
6 grudnia (sobota),
godz. 13:00
Dziecięcy zespół wokalno-taneczny Fasolinki

6 grudnia (sobota) 2014,
godz. 17:00-21:00
Sobotnie warsztaty
Wielkie budowanie z klocków Lego i klocków Mindstorms

6 grudnia (sobota) 2014, godz. 19:30
The Gift Show 2014

ART.BEM Bemowskie Centrum Kultury
kalendarium imprez

Bemowskie Centre of Culture (BCK) was founded in March 2006. It is one of the leading Warsaw cultural centres with the offer adressing all age and social groups. Cultural events, classes, workshops and courses take place at headquarters in Górczewska Street 201 and Open Air Theatre in Górczewska Park, on the corner of the streets Raginis and Kryształowa.

Our offer includes:

  • Yes't Festival,
  • family picnics,
  • Podróżowisko – travel festival,
  • Meetings with passion,
  • Bemowo supports talents ( promotion project  of amateur talents),
  • Christmas Variety Fair,
  • Aviating events,
  • concerts,
  • theatre plays,
  • vernissage and exhibitions (graphics, painting, sculpture, photography, ceramics, jewelery and others).


BCK ensures all round art development for inhabitants through many educational and artistic activities conducted in the following departments:

Visual Arts Department:
The wide range of fine arts activities include traditional drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, tailoring, cloth design, jewelry making, floristry and others.

Music Department:
It supports music talents and passions at two levels: basic and advanced. They involve instrument playing: piano, synthesizer, classical, bass and electric guitar, percussion, saxophone, tin whistle, drums and vocal: classical, musical and entertainment singing, vocal bands. There are also a rehearsal room and a record studio at our disposal.

Dance Department:
Its goal is development of participants in dance with its many forms. The offer includes dance technics, choreography, interpretation as well as emotion expression through movement, ballet, ballroom and modern dance, belly dance, breakdance, dancehall, zumba, bachata, hip hop and others..

Aeromodel club:
Here you will build both simple and remote controlled flying objects as well as learn the passionate aviation history. You will also learn new modeling technics, use professional materials, minielectrical tools, radio control and engine drives. You can participate in various exhibitions, contests and shows.

Theatre and Social Department:
Our offer is directed to everyone with interest in theatre, cabaret and stage art in general. We run Children Adventure Theatre, Little Masters Theatre, Fallen Chair Theatre, 59 Minute Theatre and Theatre Group Zgoda

Photography Department:
It involves photographic portrait workshops, fashion and architecture photography. For beginners we offer basic photography workshops. There is a photographic studio at your disposal to use both during courses and for commercial purposes.

Radio and media workshops:
Bemowo FM, Internet Radio of Bemowo District for the last couple of years has been offering possibilities of realizing and developing journalist passions. Enthusiasts from 14 to 40 years old spend their time in the studio to let others know them as good reporters and radio presenters. They run amateur music, social and news broadcasts. During meetings "My radio" you will learn reporter's and radio presenter's work, record your first program and interview, put together materials for broadcasts as well as create and lead radio auditions.

Themes and schemes for children:
They are run for two age groups: 1.5 - 2 year and 2 - 3.5 year olds. Thanks to carefully selected games and exercises children learn new developmental, emotional and social skills. For older this is a good preparatory stage for kindergarten.

Complementary offer:
At Bemowo Cultural Center there are many other activities of your choice. They include LEGO playing blocks, creative building, Chess Secrets, astronomy workshops, Funiversity, Playing Board Evenings, Avon Workshops, Many faces of a woman, self-defense, karate, Aikido, workshops for pregnant women and others.

Opening days: Monday to Sunday, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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ART.BEM Bemowskie Centrum Kultury